I’ve never talked to anyone. I’m used to handling things on my own, and I am anxious about opening up to a stranger.

I completely understand the anxiety that can arise as we make the decision to be vulnerable and work on ourselves or our relationships through therapy. However, everyone needs help now and then, and seeking therapy shows true courage. In our work together, I’ll help you explore and identify your strengths and how to implement them to reduce the influence of the problems you are facing.

What’s the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?

Maintaining social support through relationships with friends and family is incredibly important for overall well-being, but sometimes it can be beneficial to talk through your problems with someone who has the training and experience to support you professionally. A therapist can help you approach your situation in a new way– gain different perspectives, explore intense or uncomfortable emotions, listen to you without judgment or expectations, and help you to grow and make positive change for yourself. Furthermore, therapy is completely confidential. You won’t have to worry about others knowing your personal and private struggles.

How does it work? What do I have to do in sessions?

Everyone has different reasons for seeking therapy as well as unique goals that they want to achieve through therapy. All I ask is for you to show up, ready to dive deep into exploring your emotions that are driving your experiences and behaviors.

How long will it take?

Each person’s therapeutic journey occurs at a different pace. The length of time you want to commit to therapy depends on your goals, desire for growth, and commitment. Some people enjoy weekly sessions, while others prefer a little more time in between sessions. I will work with you to determine what works best for you and your schedule. It is not my goal to keep you in therapy for the long-term, but instead to assist you with making meaningful change that will allow you to handle things independently and confidently after therapy ends.

I want to get the most out of therapy. What can I do?

I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions –  it is my goal to assist you with making meaningful, lasting change. This is best achieved when you are active and dedicated to the process.


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