Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, my goal is to provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment where you and your partner’s individual wants and needs are combined with evidence-based techniques and therapies to build confidence, openness, and respect. We’ll work together to improve your relationship with each other to ensure lasting change, including the ability to successfully navigate any issues that arise in the future.

Depending on your reasons for seeking therapy, couples sessions can be focused on addressing small issues or working through potentially relationship-breaking challenges. As your couples therapist, it is my goal to help you each feel valued, heard, and most importantly, reconnected.

Some common reasons for couples therapy are:

– You and your partner have difficulty communicating

– You frequently feel misunderstood by your partner

– You feel isolated, alone, and like you don’t matter

– You feel like you can never do anything right

– You don’t know how to make your partner happy anymore

– You, or your partner, have had a betrayal of trust

– You are terrified of losing your partner

– You and your partner are having difficulties sexually

When both partners are assisted in understanding one another’s emotional reactions, desires, and needs, relationship frustrations often ease and couples feel more equipped to take on life’s challenges together. Problems become manageable, validation and openness increases, and mature communication paves the way for a calmer, happier relationship and the healthiest way forward together. If you would like me to help you create lasting, positive change for you and your partner, please contact me today for an appointment.

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